Our Clients

Our clients range from professionals, business owners and executives, who value their time. 

We also provide services to groups of family members, Family Offices, and tailored offerings for Professional Services companies and their client's.

Who are our clients?


ONDA Lifestyle Concierge client

Eve is a classic example of our professional client's, she has a senior role, loves the challenge of her work and is well remunerated. 

She knows that all banking, insurances and even utilities for the home, the investment properties, and the numerous personal entities are regularly reviewed for value... and as for the annual grind of spending hours looking for end of tax year records, there is none as everything is professionally managed by ONDA.

Eve travels for work and really appreciated her ONDA online vault this year when she had her bag and passport stolen. Her ONDA client manager provided a copy of her passport, notified banks and arranged replacement travel documents. 

In addition to the time savings of 4 hours per month, plus 5 hours at the end of each tax year preparing for tax returns (Total 53 hours saved), ONDA also delivered Eve:

  • $2,500 reduction in general insurance costs + identified 1 lapsed policy
  • $2,500 savings in utility costs
  • Assisted with implementing new Wills
  • $1,500 savings by renegotiating existing bank interest rates
  • Avoided $1,200 in late fees and penalties
  • 50% of ONDA’s $1k monthly management fee was tax deductible = net cost of service nil plus 9 hours of Eve’s time saved


ONDA Lifestyle Valet client

Duncan is a retired professional who loves to travel throughout the year both within Australia and to visit family in the UK and America.

Duncan believes he could manage to pay his invoices and bills when he is at home, but wanted the peace of mind that everything was professionally managed in his absence, plus he loves that service providers are held accountable for their costs via our reviews.

Prior to being an ONDA client, Duncan was also concerned that if the worst happened and he was incapacitated or died, therefore was no-one with a central point of contact of knowledge to co-ordinate his accountant, lawyer and other providers, and inform his sister in America who is his closest friend and executer.

ONDA has now provided not just this service, but a cloud based Vault with world class security that Duncan’s manager stores copies of all Wills, Trusts, Passport, licences, and all other important documents that he can access from anywhere in the world as needed, or will be available if the house burns down, or in the event of an emergency.

Duncan pays an ONDA fee of $150 dollars a month before tax deductions, in return for savings across utility bills and insurances, and most importantly, peace of mind.


ONDA Lifestyle Concierge client

Our clients Sally and Bruce had purchased and worked in a successful business together.

Prior to becoming clients of ONDA, their business finances had received all of the attention and focus, meaning that their personal financial affairs had not and there was no central point of reporting, reviews or management, meaning that not only was there no accountability on their service providers, the end of tax year reporting was a nightmare and bills and ASIC fee payments would often be late despite their accountant’s best efforts, incurring penalties and additional fees.

After being introduced via an existing client, ONDA spent 2 x 45 minute sessions understanding and mapping their personal legal and financial structures and arrangements. ONDA proposed and then implemented a strategy that not only resolved all day to day management and payment of all bills, invoices and outgoings, but also managed the independent review of all financial products, insurance products and utility bills, delivering savings in outgoings of more than the annual fee for ONDA’s services. Before any tax deductions or time savings.

In 2018 Bruce sadly passed away suddenly. Sally is thankful that ONDA could not only help to support her directly, but assist with dealing with insurers and financial institutions, and coordinating professional service providers.

Because Sally and Bruce had a central, secure point of storing information in their ONDA Vault including Wills, Trust documents and insurance policies, Sally was able to access copies of all necessary paperwork, removing further distress.

Sally continues to be an ONDA client and has requested some additional support from ONDA to assist her during this difficult time, including supporting her during visits to professional service providers and dealing with business vendors and suppliers and currently pays ONDA $1,500 plus GST per month however this is reviewed each quarter depending on the level of support required.


ONDA Lifestyle Butler client

Greg was referred to ONDA via his accountant.

As CEO of a successful, growing business Greg recognised the challenges he faced in managing his personal finances and takes the view that if he is happy to outsource his house and car cleaning, personal fitness training, accounting and legal work to professionals, why wouldn't he outsource the management of his life administration to ONDA.

After meeting with the Greg over 1 x 45-minute session, ONDA proposed a solution at a cost of $500 per month plus GST that provided the peace of mind Greg was looking for, whilst Greg remains completely in control and now has clarity over every bill, provider and professional service provider.

ONDA even guarantees that Greg will now avoid all late fees, penalties and late notices that were a regular occurrence previously.

Greg's accountant has confirmed that 50% of ONDA's fees will be tax deductible in his case, before factoring in the savings delivered via ONDA's reviews and the time savings delivered.